The 2017 Tour de Newton will be on Fathers’ Day, June 18th.


Bike Newton’s Group Bike Rides are BACK for 2016.  For the schedule see:  http://bikenewton.org/services/bike-with-us/

Tips for Safely Running or Biking in the Dark


“Wallets on Wheels”–bikes as economic engines!



Why Bike?

Biking to work will make you happier, more trusting of your fellow humans and is less dangerous than driving to your overall mortality.

“… riding to work was nine times as beneficial than the risks posed by accidents or air pollution.”



VIDEO:     D.C.’s Pennsylvania Avenue Bike Lane Story (with Gabe Klein) with subtitles | Amara

Imagine a Newton where we could safely bike to work, to errands, and to the T, and kids could safely bike to school and after-school activities. Imagine many more people biking just for fun, like in this video by Bike Newton Steering Committee member Nate Aronow with the Nate Aronow Nextet:

Riders gathered for a weekly Bike Newton ride

Riders gathered for a weekly Bike Newton ride in front of Newton Free Library