Today I biked to our little community garden plot at Nahanton Park. That’s not, by itself, unusual. I get there by bike most of the time.

But today, I was putting in tomatoes. The plants were a donation from our upstairs neighbor, some nice heirloom cherries, and they’d sat in the yard in their little containers for, um… let’s just call it a few weeks. They’d gotten a little leggy. In fact, one was bearing fruit. So there were these rather tall tomato seedlings, the tomato cages, a set of onions…

I resigned myself to driving.

Then inspiration, bungees, velcro, and a bike bag led to this:

Here’s a better view of how I attached the tomato cages:

Incidentally, everything on that poster is in our garden, except the potatoes. And instead of green peppers, chilis. Call me a traditionalist. (Or call me an unwitting dupe of WW2 propaganda posters!)

So far, the garden is bike-powered. When I start harvesting, the bike will be garden-powered.