One of the joys of biking with your own kid is watching how his skills and habits improve from year to year. He doesn’t wobble or swerve as much as he did last fall, which means he can bike on the street with supervision. I’ve also been inculcating good practices at corners–where to look for turning cars, slowing or stopping when the view is obstructed–and while biking along a stretch of parked cars: stay a bike-length away to avoid opening doors, watch for clues of movement, like taillights or wheels, watch for cars coming out of driveways… and he’s been showing me (and telling me while he’s showing me) that he’s adopting these habits. Yay! He’s not quite up to signaling a turn yet (the handlebars wobble a little too far), so I’m still sticking close.

One of the other joys is hearing how stuff Bike Newton was involved in still sticks in his memory.

As we came around Crystal Lake the other day, he said, “I love this part.”

I said, “Why, because of the view over the lake?”

He said, “Yeah, that, too, but really because I remember when they closed the road for cars and we biked here, and I love remembering that.”

OK, then. Hear that, guys? I’ve taken him biking all over the place: paths, trails, parks… and what sticks out in his head is the day he and the other bikers owned a road. Sounds like a major win. Let’s do it again.