Observed eastbound on Beacon St. approaching Washington Square, circa Shaws, a man pedaling up the hill in the cold driving rain, one hand on the handlebars, one hand grasping a shopping cart behind him full with bags of cans and bottles to recycle, navigating between parked cars on one side and heavy traffic on the other.

I blew past him thinking he is even crazier than I to ride in this weather, let alone drag a full shopping cart around. A block later I realized I had to stop, ride back, and talk to the guy. He had parked his cart and was rummaging for recyclables across the street behind the funeral home. His name was Mark; he said he was taking the recyclables somewhere in Allston. I told him what he needed was a cargo trailer, like the burley I drive my kids around in. I gave him my card and said to call and we could figure out a way to get him the gear he needs to do his important work more easily. I hope he calls. He needs to be recognized for being a living example of sustainability.