The Newton Serves bike count (thanks, Steve Heinrichs!) project has already put data on a google map.

Surprise! Lots of bikes on Chestnut St.

Interesting: Beacon and Comm. Ave. are confirmed as the major east-west routes, though the lower counts on Beacon west of Newton Center suggest that people use Beacon to get to Newton Center and Highlands, but not to go further west. Also, the numbers using Washington-Waltham and Grove-Lexington mean that bikes must be incorporated into any changes to those areas. (That stretch of Washington St. is close to being rehabilitated. DPW plans are here in a power-point file.)

No surprise: no bikes on Route 9, and bikes cross it only on two streets: Parker and Chestnut. Route 9 is the major impediment to biking we always thought it was. Few bikes on Needham St. Center and Walnut are confirmed as major North-South routes; oddly, those stretches that are most congested with cars (between Newton Highlands and Beacon St.) also show the highest bike counts.

We’ll need to do some more counts on weekdays to pick up patterns of people running errands and commuting.