Bicycle Network Plan

Bike Lane in Boston, MA

There have been a number of Bike Plan proposals in the last decade. The recent Newton Bicycle Network Plan is a working document of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the Transportation Advisory Group, based on feedback from the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community program.

The main objectives of the Bicycle Network Plan are:

  1. To make bicycling in Newton much safer by ensuring that bicycling infrastructure will be built using the best possible design recommendations.
  2. To increase bicycle routes in Newton by creating a network of safe, low‐stress routes.
  3. To create first‐class bicycle accommodations on critical corridors connecting points of interest, north/south and east/west.

NewTV interviewed Lois Levin about the Bicycle Network Plan in June 2012 (click on the photo to link to the video):


NewTV also covered the June 2013 Newton Bike Summit, where Mayor Setti Warren, Bill Paille (Transportation Director), Lois Levin (Bicycle Coordinator) and Steve Heinrichs (Bike Newton’s Education Coordinator) present Newton’s Bicycle Plan (click on photo to link to video):


When all the recommendations of the plan are acted upon, 94 miles of roadway in Newton will become considerably safer for bikers of all types. According to this cost and priorities projection by a retired USDOT executive, Newton could carry out the entire plan for under half a million dollars!

The appendices of the Plan also serve an educational purpose, describing different types of bicycle accommodations.